# Version 7.3.0 changelog

# What's New

  • Added progressive rendering support.
  • Added PDFDoc.getFontsInfo() API to get font information including font type,name, embedded info etc.
  • Added multiple selection and edit function on content objects at UIExtension.
  • Added a PDF.actions class.
  • Added getActions and setActions API for PDF.annots.Link annotation.
  • Added digital signature support.
  • Added a new PDFViewer.constructor option jr.brotli
  • Added new PDFUI.constructor option customs.getLoadingMode to allow loading PDF document from memory buffer.
  • Added a new PDFViewer.constructor option renderingMode
  • Added a new parameter annotUpdatedType to DataEvents.annotationUpdated to distinguish contents from other changes on annotations. In the past, when the annotation content is added or updated straightly on a page, developers have no way to detect if content has been changed or not.
  • Added pdfviewer.killFocus() API.
  • Added pdfui.confirm(), pdfui.alert(), and pdfui.prompt() with message and log type to classify the UI pop-up component. In the past, FoxitPDFSDK for Web only has one message type, which is hard for application level developer to customize UI dialog.
  • Updated UI thumbnail component and modularized it as an add-on to allow developers to do customization and extend its functionality.
  • Added an open source scaffold example project .
  • Added show/hide all comments at UI level.
  • Added PDFUI.callAddon()API at UI level.
  • Added a paddle component in layout template to show the hidden elements on toolbar (PC only).
  • Added addon merge tools for preprocessing addon resources to reduce the network requests at the UI initialization.
  • Added UIExtension.vw.cssfile to support vmin CSS unit to adapt layout for cases that require font resizing on mobile.
  • Added PDF.HeaderFooter.isEmpty()API.
  • Updated the PDFViewCtrl.ViewerEvents.removeActionAnnotationSuccess logic that once it was triggered, the annotation would be destroyed and no properties can be retrieved. For cases that requires to listen in removed annotations, PDF.DataEvents.annotationRemoved should be used instead.
  • Removed UIExtension.full.css that functions same as UIExtension.css.
  • Updated the output information on console.
  • Updated hot key for annotation undo ( command+z) and redo (command+shift+z) on Mac at UI level.
  • Updated Vue/Angular/React integration sample to use merged-addons.
  • Updated the return value of the PDFPage.addImage(). In the past this method returns Promise, now it returns Promise.
  • Updated PDFDoc.exportAnnotsToPDF API which now supports exporting a particular annotation to data file.
  • Updated WebPDFJRWorker.jsto allow accessing from a different origin.
  • Updated PDF.constant.Error_Codeenumerations in API references.
  • Updated the docfolder to doc-websitewith HTML format developer guide.
  • Changed the folder advanced_webViewer to complete_webviewer.

# Migration Notices

This section lists notable changes that might affect migration:

  • The thumbnail component was modularized as an addon in version 7.3. This means you should reference the thumbnail addon at the stage of constructing PDFUI() when upgrading. If don't, you would get a thumbnail loading error .

Code example for using addons in PDFUI

var pdfui = new UIExtension.PDFUI({
            viewerOptions: {},
            renderTo: ,
            appearance: ,
            template: template,
            fragments: [],
            addons: [
  • Version 7.3 changed the name of advanced_webViewerto complete_webViewer. If your project use advanced_webViewer directly, make sure you change it to complete_webViewer when upgrading.

# Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Edit menu in Comment List wasn't disabled after the annotations flag was set as locked.
  • Fixed an issue where creating annotation would trigger both annotationAdded and annotationUpdated events.
  • Fixed an issue where a new added custom stamp data can't be updated when being placed on the page.
  • Fixed an issue where passing annotation color=0x000000 on border and text, did not take effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the JSON data was inconsistent between exportAnnotsToJSON and addAnnot
  • Fixed an issue where the URL file cannot be opened cross origin.
  • Fixed an issue which the callout failed to create on a particular file.
  • Fixed an issue which the date format got changed on focus and on blur.
  • Fixed an issue which no comments could be imported when comments contains parenthesis.
  • Fixed an issue where uncaught promise error occurred when importing annotation.
  • Fixed an issue which the text form field can't set to be blank if a default value has been set.
  • Fixed an issue where importAnnotsFromJson could not update the old annotation when two annotations have same ID.
  • Fixed an issue that FoxitPDFSDK for Web failed to display the default appearance of a 3D annotation.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip shows only when the cursor points to the left-top corner of the tool on Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue the FoxitPDFSDK for Web failed to open files in IE10.
  • Fixed an issue that the rendering delayed when adding highlight annotation.
  • Fixed an issue that FoxitPDFSDK for Web failed to open particular drawing files.
  • Fixed an issue where 404 Error occurred when loading a file in Angular.js.
  • Fixed an issue where FoxitPDFSDK for Web keeps loading when open a particular file.
  • Fixed an issue where the mirror field cannot be cleared when the length is less than 2 in the main field.